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  • Coral Denny

    Coral (they/she) is a queer, neurodivergent sex therapy intern with an education background in trauma-informed sex therapy. They have completed all of their training and education in sexual health and are now accruing clinical hours for their therapy licensure. They are committed to creating a collaborative space where folx can seek wellness, please, and liberation. Coral believes in supporting and empowering people in navigating the exploration of gender, sexuality, kink, and intimate relationships, and any other situations life has to offer.

    Whether you are striving to uncover a more authentic and grounded sense of self, explore new or evolving aspects of your gender and sexual identity, reconnect with your sensuality, strengthen your skills in boundaries or communication, or improve your relationship with yourself or others, Coral will be a non-judgmental and empowering ally in your process. Coral is heavily supervised and supported by the practice owner and has a reduced fee schedule while she is in training.