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  • Sex Addiction Counseling

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    At Arizona Sexual Empowerment and Counseling Services we use evidence based treatment approaches that include an intentional blend of positive psychology, cognitive therapies, and motivational interviewing. Each treatment plan is tailored to suit the unique needs of thinking and feeling people struggling to manage out of control behaviors. We use a sexual health model focused on helping you create your own definition of healthy sexuality and work towards living that definition in your daily life. Our approach is accepting, non-shaming, sex-positive and strengths-based. The focus is on helping you understand the underlying causes of undesirable behavior so the changes we help you create are sustainable.

    Who We Work With

    Straight and gay men who have sexual behaviors that are out of control. Gay and straight men each have similarities however as a group, there are also significant differences.

    Women who have sexual behavior that feels out of control.

    Couples where there has been a betrayal and/or a violation of trust.

    Gender variant and gender non-conforming clients.

    Conditions Treated

    Any sexual behavior that feels out of control, impulsive, compulsive or addictive. Whether it is pornography, hook-ups, chat rooms, infidelity, or any other sexual behavior that you want to change, we can support you in making desired changes.

    Assessing Each Situation

    Three out of every four self-identified sex addicts we treat have untreated mental health conditions and/or untreated trauma, abuse and bullying in their history. Therefore, we assess each person thoroughly so we treat the whole person, not just the undesirable behavior.

    About Us

    At Arizona Sexual Empowerment and Counseling services, we have been treating sex addiction, sexual impulsivity and compulsivity for many years, and have over 10 years experience treating addiction more generally. We have treated countless individuals and couples who were suffering prior to starting therapy. We have taken and given many trainings on sex addiction and out of control sexual behavior of all types, and have focused much of our sexual health learning process on learning about the treatment of out of control sexual behavior. This is a significant focus of our practice.

    Starting Your Process of Change

    For many people, the best path to healing includes individual counseling for each person involved as well as couples counseling; and in some cases additional psychiatric supports are needed. At that first session we can help you determine what you need and provide referrals to other highly qualified strength-based, non-shaming, supportive clinicians for additional services if needed. We also offer a men’s treatment group for out of control sexual behavior which may be discussed with you after the initial session.