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    Sexuality Education Services

    In addition to therapy services, AZSECS also provides a broad range of sex education services. If you or your agency are interested in developing a custom sex education curriculum to meet the specific needs of your organization, we would be happy to assist. We also have many existing curricula and programs that I can work from if that is preferable. We would love to talk to you more about our catalog of training programs and how they can be revised to meet your needs.


    Possible topics for training and education include:

    • Sexual Safety 101
    • What is Consent
    • Understanding Non-Binary Gender Identities
    • Understanding LGBT Affirmative Approaches
    • Maintaining Intimacy Across the Lifespan
    • Supporting Gender Non-Conforming Youth
    • Parent’s Guide to Talking About Sex
    • Sexual Trauma and Intimacy
    • What is Gender, Anyway?
    • Sexual Intimacy After Cancer