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  • Counseling for Trauma

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    Sexual Trauma

    At AZSECS we specialize in working with sexual trauma and its impact on mood, relationships, and sexual expression. Sexual trauma can have a lasting impact on our ability to experience pleasure with sex, and contribute to strong feelings of sexual shame that interfere with sexual functioning. We often work with sexual trauma survivors to reduce these feelings of guilt and shame and find a more pleasure focused sense of sexuality.

    Religious Sexual Trauma

    We are especially devoted to helping clients resolve sexuality related trauma that can arise from growing up in high demand religious groups and conservative faith communities. We have helped many clients process the impact of spiritual sexual oppression on their current relationships and sexual expression, and find a way to a new sense of their sexual selves.

    Birth Trauma

    At AZSECS we understand that the pregnancy and postpartum period can be a bittersweet time of joy and heartbreak. We often work with parents who have experienced heartbreak and trauma related to infertility, miscarriage, premature birth, and other traumatic birth experiences on processing the trauma and living with the duality of the love and struggle of this period of life. Some of our therapists have lived experience with prematurity and birth trauma that also lends a unique perspective to the support they can provide.


    We primarily use EMDR and trauma focused cognitive behavioral approaches to help clients explore and resolve past traumas and come to a new understanding of themselves and their past. We also examine the sexual and relational impacts that trauma can have with the goal of improving overall relationship satisfaction for individuals who have experienced trauma.