AZSECS is not accepting new clients at this time
  • Rates & Insurance

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    1 hour sessions: $150

    90 minute sessions: $225

    2 hour sessions: $300


    At this time AZSECS providers are considered out of network for insurance. This means we cannot bill your insurance directly, but can provide you with a special invoice (known as a superbill) that you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance.


    Why don’t you accept insurance?

    At AZSECS we value your privacy and believe that your therapist is the best qualified to make decisions about your care. Insurance providers have the ability to request copies of notes from your sessions, ask questions of the therapist, and dictate care as they see fit. Unfortunately we have found that those practices are not supportive of the level of privacy that our work requires, and so we made the decision not to work directly with insurance providers.