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  • Relationship Counseling

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    Do you desire more intimacy in your relationship(s)? Are you tired of having the same conversations about sex and intimacy on a continuous loop? Are your struggling with infidelity? Do you need help navigating an open relationship? Do you desire more sexual pleasure in your life? Do you need help exploring your identity in the context of your relationship?

    All of these are specialty areas that we can help with. At AZSECS we specialize in helping couples and polycules improve communication, strengthen relationships, and find pleasure again.

    Some needs that bring folx to therapy are:

    • Sex Addiction Recovery
    • Polyamory/Open Relationships Exploration
    • Kink/BDSM Exploration
    • Sexual Identity Exploration
    • Differences in Sexual Desire
    • Sexual Trauma Recovery
    • Postpartum Sexuality
    • General Communication Needs
    • Infidelity Recovery

    In our couple’s therapy sessions, we help people develop the necessary skills needed to improve sexual pleasure and communication in all types of intimate relationships. We provide a non-judgmental space for exploration of BDSM, polyamory, and other sexual exploration that may be difficult to discuss openly with a partner.

    At AZSECS we specialize in sexuality, and are not experienced in working with intimate relationships where there are struggles with high conflict or violence. Your therapist will work to assess your needs and may refer you and your partner(s) to a specialist if there is a high level of conflict that warrants additional specialized support.